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There are many reporting tools available there. Each have their unique features and USP.

However one thing common among all those is that they all try to be compatible with MS ExcelŽ and consider it as a selling point. This was evident as early as 2004 in a comparison of all reporting tools made by Intelligent enterprise


 BI Product Comparision

Source ( http://www.intelligententerprise.com )

Overall functions of reporting tool can be categorized in 2 categories viz.

1. Basic function of

       * Layoutting 
       * Printing      and
       * Browsing static content in a secure manner.

It is the layoutting function where MS ExcelŽ severely lags behind other tools if one is to consider it as a reporting tool . ERPJewels removes this lacuna by providing the layouting and secure access .

2. Advanced

       * Analytical functions of sorting
       * Charting
       * Filtering
       * Intuitive colorful analysis
       * What-if scenario
       * User friendly drag and drop multi-dimensional analyses
       * Emailing.

It is due to these functions that all reporting tools try to be compatible with MS ExcelŽ and it act as a reporting tool for reporting tools.

ERPJEWELS is happy to announce reporting tool for reporting tools.

Below is diagram which explains every thing about how ERPJEWELS is functioning.

Extract Transform Load

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