Pack of Nocturne Earrings in Silver Vermeil with Diamonds and Pearl


Light, radiance and style. Jewelry crafted in gold vermeil and diamond pavé you can combine with all our icons for a magnetic, elegant look. Nocturne, the touch of light you need.
Ref. 918443700
Pack of Nocturne Earrings with different motifs in silver vermeil with 0.20 ct mix color single-cut diamonds and Ø3,5 mm. pearl. Push back. Motif size: 0.4-0.85 cm. Vermeil is a layer of 18kt gold on sterling silver with a minimum thickness of 2.5 microns, with no other material between them.
    • 18KT GOLD
    • Contrast750/000
    • Weight0.133 g
    • Contrast925/000
    • Weight2.793 g